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How do I pass my USB drive into Citrix?

Instructions on how to pass a USB storage device into a Citrix application session

26 May 2020
How do I access my Citrix applications quicker?

Did you know there are several different ways of accessing your Citrix published applications?

26 May 2020
How do I use Microsoft Teams?

This article explains how to work collaboratively online and use files in Microsoft Teams for OP.

12 May 2020
How do I install and use Citrix?

This knowledge article explains how to setup and make use of the Otago Polytechnic Citrix remote access system.

23 Mar 2020
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How do I connect my OS X machine to eduroam?

This article explains how to connect your OS X machine to eduroam.

5 Nov 2019
How do I install Office 365 on my personal device?

Learn how to install Office 365 on your personal device.

10 Feb 2020
How do I change my Otago Polytechnic network/Moodle password?

This article explains how to change your password from on or off campus.

16 Apr 2019
Connecting to the Eduroam wireless network

This article explains how to make use of the eduroam wireless network for education.

29 Jan 2020

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