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This article explains how to change your password from on campus. This explanation applies to OP owned Windows computers.


Step 1: Log onto an Otago Polytechnic computer

1. When on campus, when using the Windows 10 classroom computers.

2. Log onto the Otago Polytechnic network, as you normally would do using your current username and password

3.When the student desktop loads, you can then change your password by simultaneously pressing the <Ctrl>,<Alt> and <Delete> keys. This will bring up the screen that allows the password change.

4.Click on the “Change Password” option

Step 2: Set up a new password

Windows 10 will already know who you are.

1. Type in the current password you want to change.

2. Next, type in your new password. (Make sure it is at least 8 characters long for students and at least 16 characters long for staff.) 

3. Retype it to verify the password.

When you type your password into any of the password fields, the password will not be shown. Instead, the password will be shown as a series of black dots.

When typing in the new password, you will need to do it twice to verify the spelling of the new password. It is not shown in clear text for security reasons.

Remember your new password, and keep it safe! Try to change it each semester to ensure your OP student user account is secure.

Further information:

Contact: Service Desk through case creation.

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