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This article helps you to decide which team is best suited to assist with your query. When creating a case, the service area relates to the team that your case will be assigned to.


Below is an outline of the types of cases that each team would usually handle.

Service Desk
AIC Service Desk
Information Systems and Support
Information Systems and Support - EBS
People and Culture - Development
Learning and Teaching Development
Campus Services
Marketing and Communications (including Design Hub)
Customer Services
Quality Services
Business Improvement
Organisational Research


If you are unsure - just assign your case to the Service Desk and they will make sure that your case ends up at the right place.

Service Desk

The service desk is your first line of support for any issues or questions you might have.  If your case is not something that they can handle (and they can answer a wide variety of queries) then they will escalate your case to the correct team.

AIC Service Desk

This Service Desk is specific to the Auckland Campus.  If you are located at the Auckland campus please log your cases under this service area. If they are unable to provide you with the necessary support they will escalate your case appropriately.

Information Systems and Support

When an IT related matter is beyond the level of technical help that the Service Desk is able to provide, your case will be escalated to Information Systems and Support.  This team provides tier 2 technical support to assist the service desk in dealing with technical issues.

Information Systems and Support - EBS

Select this service area if your case relates to the the student management system (EBS). 

This team is responsible for the data quality in the student management system (EBS4), building and maintenance of data driven reports and requests for data from within EBS4.

They also provide support and advice for business processes, projects and system faults in relation to the Student Management System.

If you require training on how to use the student management system please select the subject People and Culture - Development.

People and Culture - Development

Select People and Culture - Development if you require help or wish to attend training related to the following:

  • Treaty of Waitangi
  • Certificate in Mata a Ao Māori
  • Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (GDTE)
  • Professional Development opportunities
  • Staff Development Day
  • Workshops organised through PCT
  • Capability development of staff
  • Team development
  • Leadership development
  • New staff development
  • OP corporate systems support, eg Lync & EBS Training

Learning and Teaching Development

Select the Learning and Teaching Development service area if you need help with any of the following:

  • Ed Tech support and training in:
    • Moodle
      • course layout and design
      • resources and activities
      • gradebook
      • Turnitin
    • Abode Connect
    • ePortfolios
    • Audio visual tools
    • Mobile learning
    • OER and copyright
  • Online Moodle development
  • D4LS online development support and training

Campus Services

Campus Services are responsible for maintaining and managing OP’s campus facilities.

They can assist you with room and vehicle bookings, building access, trades maintenance, waste management, First Aid kit replenishment and more.

They also provide mailroom services and after-hours emergency support, and their project staff are also involved in larger works such as the Student Village and Campus Development Plan.

Marketing and Communications (including Design Hub)

Select the Marketing and Communications service area to request:

  • a new webpage or change to the website/student hub
  • a student or graduate profile story
  • help with writing a publication
  • media advice
  • Insite advice
  • an email that can be sent to All staff or All students
  • advice on communications for internal projects
  • promote news to staff (eg Leading News or Insite)

The Design Hub are Otago Polytechnic’s expert in-house design team.

Services they provide include graphic design, photography, video production, social media, campaign development and management (including media bookings i.e. paid advertising) and copywriting.

The services provided are for external marketing purposes.

Customer Services

Select Customer Services for help with the following:

  • General enquiries
  • Programme information
  • Financial payments
  • Visitor car parking


Select the registry team for assistance with the following:

  • Student applications (domestic and international)
  • Graduation
  • Enrolments and withdrawals
  • Student fees
  • StudyLink loan information
  • Result amendments
  • Historic results
  • Transcripts and certificates
  • NZQA results

Quality Services

The Quality Enhancement Centre - Otago Polytechnic provides leadership, expertise, guidance and support in:

  • quality programme development
  • operational management of relevant systems and processes.

They have an emphasis on inspiring capability and prioritising effective, simplified systems and processes.


Select the Centre for Business Services at Otago Polytechnic for finance related queries.

They can assist with payroll, staff reimbursements, corporate contracts, insurance cover and claims, legal compliance, procurement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fees calculations and loading, budgets and forecasts, financial reports and analysis.

They also provide finance and accounting support to OP, its students, staff and external stakeholders.


There are standard templates for use in negotiating and formalising any contractual relationship. The contracts team can check draft contracts for you.

 Access these templates here:

They coordinate requests for proposal (RFP) and tenders as required, including putting RFP documents on the government electronic tendering site (GETS), and  provide advice about procurement/purchasing processes within the Polytechnic.

Business Improvement

The Business Improvement team supports OP to achieve its strategic goals, operational priorities and overall business excellence.

They aim to improve performance across all areas of the organisation, from individuals to the executive.

Select this service area for any query relating to performance - no question is too big or too small.

Organisational Research

Organisational Research gathers, analyses, interprets and reports on data from students, staff, graduates, employers and other key stakeholders to support the student experience.

Select this service area for copies of Otago Polytechnic reports such as the First Impressions of Students, Work Environment Survey, Annual Student Opinion, Graduate Outcomes and Employer Perception of Graduates can be found in the document library in the Performance Portal.

Course evaluation reports can be accessed by logging onto EvaluationKit. 

Confidential colleague and customer feedback reports are emailed directly to staff members. 


Vodafone provide support to all staff that have an OP owned mobile phone, they will come to your desk to manage a new device deployment, or change over from previous device.


Vision are our on site Audio Visual support contractors. They can arrange all your AV needs around campus or for your special event.

Further information:

Contact: Otago Polytechnic Service Desk through case creation.

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