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A guide on how to connect to the OP-Guest network. If you have an existing Otago Polytechnic account (or an account from another institution subscribed to Eduroam) please check the knowledge article Connecting to the Eduroam Wireless network instead. OP-Guest is slower, will not give you access to some Polytechnic systems, and will only last for a limited amount of time.


1) Find OP-Guest in the list of available WiFi networks and then Connect

2) You will then need to register to  use the OP-Guest network.
Once connected a web browser page should automatically open and load the registration page. Some devices may prompt you to sign in which will then load the page.

If you still do not see the registration portal try loading another webpage. This should trigger it to load.

Once on the registration portal make a unique username, enter your email address, and enter your phone number without the leading 0.
Then Register.

3) Check your email or text messages - You should have received a username and password.
Enter these into the second half of the Registration Portal, below where you registered earlier, and Log In.

You should now have an internet connection.

OP-Guest connections only remain active for 24 hours. After this you will need to register again. Your details may be recorded for COVID-19 contact tracing.


Further information:

Contact: IT Service Desk through case creation.

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