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This article outlines several more advanced features of accessing your published Citrix apps when operating on Microsoft Windows

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On Microsoft Windows there are three methods of accessing your OP published Citrix applications. If you haven't already done so, take the time to have a read of the main installation guide which this KB article does not replace. Please refer to

It is important to note that all three methods of getting to your apps essentially make use of the same underlying application - Citrix Workspace. The purpose of this document is to show different ways of getting to your apps to suit the way you work.

Method 1 - via browser login:
This is the most common way of accessing your Citrix applications and is simply to browse to in your favourite browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome are all supported) and login. You can bookmark the URL, and return to it at any time to login again and launch published apps.

Once logged in, you click the application you wish to launch and the application launches. In the background, it launches the application by using the Citrix Workspace app which you can view and interact with by accessing the icon in the system tray area (see next sections for a few examples)

Method 2 - direct via Workspace app:
This shows you your available published applications inside of the Workspace app itself so you no longer need to login via a browser first. You can just open Workspace, find the published application you want to open and launch it directly. Depending on your device type and where you are connecting from, you can often save your credentials too so it won't even ask for your password.

Instructions on configuring this method of access are also included in the above linked install guide, but are repeated here for convenience.
Once the Citrix Workspace app is installed (refer to guide for full instructions), launch it from the start menu or task tray icon:


  • The first time you launch it it should prompt you to “Add Account” as shown below.
  • Enter and click add

  • If prompted for your credentials then enter these and you should be signed in and see your available apps (just like you see in the browser).

Now you will see the storefront again, this time inside the Citrix Receiver/Workspace app. From this point on you shouldn't have to login again via the browser to access your apps. (You may need to restart if you do get asked to login after the initial login process)

Launch your Citrix apps directly from the Workspace app from now on.

To get back to Citrix applications again at a later time, simply search for the Citrix Workspace (or Receiver) app in your start menu and run it.


Method 3 - favourites directly from your Start menu:

Assuming you already have your published apps launching from the Workspace app (as per above Method 2) there is one more feature you can make use of to get to your frequently used applications even faster. By adding apps to your favourites they can be added automatically to your start menu as well so they just show up like normal apps installed on your device, except that they launch via Citrix.

This behaviour is enabled by default on most installations. Depending on how many applications you work with and the categories they are part of it may be helpful to configure a folder for them to show up in - just as a way of organising them and knowing these are Citrix applications and not locally installed.

To add a published application as a favourite:

With the Workspace app already open and signed in, locate the desired app and click on "Details" beside it's icon

In the details view, click "Add to Favorites"

That's it. The application you just added to Favourites should now show up on your Start Menu:

If you do want to set a folder for all your published Citrix applications to show up in in your start menu then follow these additional steps (this is entirely optional - it just makes things a little tidier if you have a lot of apps):

Right-click the Citrix Workspace application icon in the the system tray and select "Advanced Preferences"

In the preferences window that opens, click "Shortcuts and Reconnect"

In the resulting setting window that opens, type a meaningful name in the "Start Menu Folder" field and hit OK

You may be prompted to restart the Citrix Workspace app - click "Yes"

Once the Workspace app has restarted itself, now check your start menu and you should see a folder with the name you gave it, and you Citrix published applications will be inside that folder

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