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Staff and students are eligible to install an Otago Polytechnic licensed copy of Office 365 on their personal devices.


Windows and MacOS

 Go to

2) Sign in using your Otago Polytechnic email address and password.

3) Click on Install Office towards the top right.

4) Click on Office 365 apps. Please note that the range of applications differs between Windows and MacOS installations.
(If you have an older version of MacOS you may need to update to a newer version of MacOS, or look under Other install options for previous versions of Office. Only the latest three versions of MacOS are supported)

You can also install via your Office 365 email. Click on your profile picture/initials in the top right > View account then Office Apps

5) Follow the prompts to install. This usually takes between 5-15 minutes.

6) To activate the software, sign in with your Polytechnic email address and password.

If you see the below option using Windows 10. Untick the checkbox to Allow my organization to manage my device and click on This app only

iOS and Android

You can also download Office for iOS and Android devices. Each of the apps need to be downloaded separately from the Play Store/App Store. You then need to sign in with your Polytechnic email to activate the apps.

Further information:

Contact: IT Service Desk through case creation.

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