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Eduroam is a free secure wireless network. It is available at all OP campuses and other participating institutions in New Zealand and internationally. These instructions will assist you to connect your iOS device to the eduroam network.


1) Find eduroam in the list of available Wi-Fi networks and click to connect

2) You will be prompted to configure the wireless connection, for the EAP method select PEAP and for Phase 2 authentication select MSCHAPV2.

3) In the identity and password fields enter your credentials.

Your username is your normal login with appended. For example, if you normally login with jsmith you will login with; for students, if you normally login with smitj1 your login will be do not use as this will not work.

Your password is your regular network login password.

4) Once you have entered your details, click connect. If your entered details are correct your device should then be connected to eduroam and will be able to access the internet. If your device does not connect, please contact the Service Desk of the institution you are visiting for further assistance.


Further information:

Contact: The Service Desk of the institution where you are connecting from.