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This knowledge article explains how to setup and make use of the Otago Polytechnic Citrix remote access system.

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Microsoft Windows PC

  • In In a web browser, go to you should see the screen below
  • Login using your normal OP username and password

  • You will be prompted to install the client. Tick “I agree” and “Install”. Note – in Chrome and some other browsers you may see “Detect Receiver” as a button – just click this to start the download process
  • The receiver client will download – click run and accept any prompts to start the installation
  • Accept all defaults and click “Finish” when the install has completed

If prompted for your credentials then enter these and you should be signed in and see your available apps

Once you have installed the Workspace client by following the above process, it is possible to sign in, and launch your applications directly from the Workspace client itself (no need to keep using the browser)

To configure this:

  • Once you have installed the Workspace client, launch it from the start menu or task tray icon.

  • The first time you launch it it should prompt you to “Add Account” as shown below.
  • Enter and click add

  • If prompted for your credentials then enter these and you should be signed in and see your available apps

  • Once signed in you should see a list of your available apps.

(You may need to restart if you do get asked to login after the initial login process)

If you have any issues, please contact the Service desk by creating a case.

How to use Citrix in Windows

Apps opened within Citrix Workspace will display on your screen, but behave as they would when located at the Polytechnic - This allows you to use apps that you could normally only use while on the Polytechnic network. (Note: The first app you open may take a little longer to load.)

For example if you needed to use an app you cannot usually access from home such as Finance One or EBS Central, you will need to open these apps in Citrix Workspace and the behaviour will be essentially the same as normal.

If you needed to access a network drive (Personal H: drive or Shared J: Drive) you can open the File Explorer to see and access these locations.

(Note: Be careful not to confuse these Citrix apps with those already running on your computer!)

The browser apps within Citrix (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) will give you access to websites you couldn't usually access from home (eg: EBS Ontrack or the Performance Excellence portal). Just open the web browser apps within Citrix Workspace, navigate to the Tūhono page, and follow the links as you normally would.

Other websites and apps that you can normally access from home do not need to be opened from within Citrix Workspace.

For example: You can still access your Office 365 webmail without going in to Citrix Workspace first.
However if you needed access to J: Shared to attach a document to send you would need to use Citrix.

Another example: You can still use Microsoft Word on your local computer without using Citrix Workspace first.
However if you needed to work on files on J: Shared you would need to use Citrix. 

Apple MAC

The mac client is compatible with MacOS 10.11, 10.12, and 10.13.

In a web browser, go to and enter your username and password.

Mac sign into Citirx

Check the “I Agree with the Citrix license agreement” and click the “Install” button.

Mac install citrix

The client will then download, double-click the dmg and then “Install Citrix Receiver”.

Click continue and leave the default options as is until you get to the “Add Accounts”, check the checkbox.

In the “Add Account” field enter “”.

Mac add account

Log in using your normal OP username and password.

mac login

The storefront will list the applications you have access to, click on one to open it.

Mac storefront

If you are running MacOS 10.13 or higher you will be prompted to approve the installation of the Citrix system extension it is recommended that you allow this.

Mac system extension

Open “Open Security Preferences”

Mac security pref

Click “Security & Privacy”

Mac security

Click the “Allow” button for “Citrix Systems, Inc”.

Mac allow

Your selected application should now be running.

Mac running citrix

You can now either open applications via a browser or the Citrix receiver itself.

The receiver icon is located at the top right of the screen. Click on it then “Open Citrix Receiver” and the Storefront will open, by clicking an application you will be prompted for your username and password.

Further information:

Contact: Information Systems and Support through case creation.

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