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This article explains how to obtain the Adobe suite for use on a personal device.

Please note that corporate devices can be provided this software for free. Contact ISS to arrange a corporate install.


Our campus license for Adobe only allows us to install the Adobe software on devices directly owned by Otago Polytechnic. This means that any personally owned devices must have a paid version. We have negotiated a significant discount for this version that is now available to all staff and students of Otago Polytechnic.

Follow these instructions to obtain the software and pay the license fee direct to Adobe online.

  1. Click on the Get Adobe Creative Cloud link below to go to the Adobe web store.
  2. Select the Student package for Australian $29.89 per month
  3. Continue and sign in using your email address.
  4. Make payment
  5. Done

Get Adobe Creative Cloud

Further information:

Contact: Information Systems & Support through case creation.