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Otago Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga's mobile provider is One New Zealand. They offer:

  • voice and data plan for mobile devices, which offers a fair-use data policy, unlimited calls to NZ and AUS mobiles and landlines, and unlimited text messages to NZ and AUS mobiles for $27.00 per month.
  • data only plan for tablets and laptops, which offers a fair-use data policy with no calling or texting entitlements for $5.00 per month.

Your mobile device and plan should be used primarily for business related purposes. If your personal usage exceeds $10.00, you will be required to reimburse the excess amount to Otago Polytechnic. You can read the full Mobile Communications Policy here.

  1. View the Te Pūkenga - Otago Polytechnic Mobile Communications Policy >
  2. Download the One NZ Plan Specifications >
  3. Download the One NZ Global Roaming Policy > 

Which mobile phone model should I choose?

The mobile device to be purchased should be the most cost-effective model that will enable you to efficiently carry out your work-related tasks. You can view the full list of mobile devices below, and they can be procured through One NZ through case creation 

Approved devices

Change, transfer, or cancel a plan

Your formal leader or Head of Department can request OP mobile services. Through case creation, you can:

  • Change or cancel an existing OP plan.
  • Transfer your service into or out of the OP contract.
  • Order a replacement SIM card and/or mobile device.
  • Update the name assigned to a mobile service.
  • Change the cost center and email billing address of a mobile service.
  • Purchase a new mobile with an existing mobile number.

 Please note that when a staff member leaves OP, their phone service will not be automatically cancelled unless a separate mobile phone cancellation request is made through case creation.

Buying a mobile device

You can use case creation to purchase a new device from the pre-approved devices list. Within the case, you will need to attach written evidence of approval from your College/Service Head of. Once your case is logged with Digital, it will be reviewed by the Operations Lead for final approval. If you don't provide evidence of approval, your order may be delayed.

  • Review the Mobile Communications Policy to determine if your role requires a mobile device. Everyone at OP is assigned a Microsoft Teams softphone, so we encourage using this if the same result can be achieved.
  • Protective accessories, like cases and screen protectors, are available to purchase on request, and are to be funded by your College or Service area.
Further information:

The mobile phone information in the knowledge base article refers to Otago Polytechnic | Te Pūkenga mobile phones and plans.

Contact: Information Systems & Support through case creation or Nicky Patterson, at

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