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Te Pūkenga - Otago Polytechnic has a contract with One New Zealand for the purchase and supply of mobile devices, and mobile device services. 

This contract has a single rate for eligible academic and professional staff which includes unlimited calls and texts from within New Zealand and New Zealand to Australia. This rate excludes MMS (PXTs), 0900 and pay-for-services. Your monthly data is included in the plan at no extra charge. Your allocation is based on your previous use. There will be an annual 10% increase in your allocation (quota). If you exceed your quota, ISS will be in touch to discuss your data needs.

Your mobile device and plan should be used primarily for business related purposes. If your personal usage exceeds $10.00, you will be required to reimburse the excess amount to Otago Polytechnic. You can read the full Mobile Communications Policy here.

  1. View the Te Pūkenga - Otago Polytechnic Mobile Communications Policy >
  2. Download the One NZ Plan Specifications >
  3. Download the One NZ Global Roaming Policy > 



Which mobile phone model should I choose?

The mobile device to be purchased should be the most cost-effective model that will enable you to efficiently carry out your work-related tasks. You can view the full list of mobile devices below, and they can be procured through One NZ through case creation Any phone request outside of the pre-approved device list requires approval from the CISO, as an exception with business justification.

Current approved devices

  • Samsung Galaxy A24 ($479.04 incl. GST) - Android
  • Apple iPhone SE 64GB (2022) ($832.02 incl GST) - Apple iOS

Purchasing or upgrading your mobile device

All mobile device purchases require approval from your College/Service Head. Please ensure you have approval, in writing, from your College/Service Head before you submit your purchase request and attach a copy of that approval to the request. Approval requests should be submitted via your formal leader for escalation through the appropriate reporting lines.

Please raise a new case via the service portal for:

  1. purchase a new mobile phone if you are starting a new mobile phone account;
  2. upgrade your mobile phone if you are an existing Polytechnic mobile account holder.

You will be prompted to log in with your OP username and password which will populate the form with your contact details.

Further information:

The mobile phone information in the knowledge base article refers to Te Pūkenga - Otago Polytechnic One NZ mobile phones.  

Contact: One NZ or Information Systems & Support through case creation

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